Who Is Dyllyn Greenwood?

Hi I'm Dyllyn Greenwood, Seattle based Cinematographer.

I have a passion for life and capturing the beauty that comes with it. I was a musician who was frustrated with my experienced with local videographers and have since been on a mission to make sure my clients never experience the same frustrations and disappointments.

Whether its my way around a camera, running a business, working as a team, or just another life lesson, I love to learn. I became a father when i was very young which made me grow up really quickly, so I see a hunger in myself that I don’t often see amongst my peers.

Cinematography is more than a job for me, its a lifestyle. I am incredibly grateful to do what I love everyday for work.


canon-camera-lineiconWhat We Do


Music Videos

We work with several local and international artists to help offer top of the line video editing and production services at affordable rates.

Studio Photography

With 2+ years of experience working in various photography studios before getting my own, this is where I’m most comfortable experimenting with new techniques and pushing my own boundaries.

Portraits & Weddings

To be able to capture lifes most memorable moments is a blessing in itself, something I will never take for granted.

Camera & Lenses

Any good piece of art has to start with a solid foundation. In this line of creative work it all starts with a  good camera system. Which then also entails a robust lens lineup. Im currently working with The new Sony a7s, which is one of the best DSLR cameras on the market today. I work strictly with Rokinon cine lenses to ensure quality and professionalism to a very high standard. My personal favorite has to be the 35mm f/1.5 a focal length that is wide enough to provide a more diverse feel than a 50mm while tight enough to lend a sense of specificity sometimes lacking in wider angles of view, for some shooters (including me) a 35mm is the most comfortable view of the world.